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A little over 5 Months ago, Slim Shady fired shots at the entire Hip-Hop industry. The Rap world was shaken up from all angles. But one unfortunate pawn by the name of Machine Gun Kelly, or MGK for short, decided to fire back at Marshall Mathers. The G.O.A.T. of Hip-Hop and king of creating mentally slaughtering technical bars took shots at MGK with his latest album Kamikaze by chopping him down on his track, ‘Not Alike’. MGK had made comments on Eminem’s daughter Haley for years and the feud between the two seemed buried in time briefly until Eminem called MGK out on the popular track.

MGK released a track and video called ‘Rap Devil’ that got tons of traction all over the internet for a week while Eminem released interviews and played MGK on social media sitting at a PacMan console; a straight stab at rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s PacMan tattoos on his chest. A week after the Rap Devil video drop, Eminem shot back with what would be the ‘Killshot’ of the rap battle. The track featured Slim Shady completely dissecting Rap Devil’s lyrics and MGK’s “Corny Lines” as well as firing guns at MGK’s manager P Diddy over his 2Pac hit.

MGK later announced that he would not respond to Eminem. The battle had been won by none other than the G.O.A.T. himself. We aren’t sure if the feud will pop back up in the future, but for now, we will recollect on the 5 month anniversary of Eminem’s slaughtering response to MGK with his track ‘Killshot’. Watch both video responses below.

Killshot – Eminem

Rap Devil – Machine Gun Kelly

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