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A Brief Interview with Kossisko

While leaving the Cowan Friday night from the Terror Jr. show, which was an amazing experience. One could spot opener Kossisko enjoying himself and listening to the electro-pop duo. We asked him a few questions in a brief interview:

“Kossisko, how would you describe your style?” I asked, “Wow, well I have a large collection of influences from the 80’s and 90’s.”  he replies. When he was asked about the decision to make music the alternative-rapper took time to recollect on a time when he was sent to Africa at 15, he said he a lot of time to reflect and find who he truly was. Following up I asked him who his inspirations were, the rapper named a few including Rick James and David Bowie. He said his favorite song to perform is ‘Heaven’ and when asked what he thought about Nashville he had a lot of to say. This is his first time being in music city and described it as a “beautiful a** city…” and said he had fun riding the scooters in East Nashville and eating some Greek food!

Overall the MC was a really cool individual, and is excited to make and perform more music. If he ever returns to Music City it will be a show that you will not want to miss!

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