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Weíve learned from Oliver Tree that sitting in a bathtub filled with hot Cheetos, while tasty, isnít exactly satisfying.

  Iíve only recently followed Oliver Tree (@olivertree) on Instagram and man he has a growing fan base! As anyone would be, I was skeptical at first without hearing any of his music. With only a few albums out I ventured down that path and I will tell you his music is catchy, fun, relatable and on billboard top charts for “Hot Rock Songs” with his song ďHurtĒ moving up from number 25 to 21. 

Pulling up to Exit/In Nashville, TN on Tuesday March 12th, I figured it would be like any other show. Walk in, shoot what I need and head out to do my edits. Man was I wrong. He’s so entertaining that I almost forgot to shoot! First off, the line was wrapped around to Cafe Coco which is a good sign that its going to be an exciting night. He interacts with his fans and keeps them pumped. His show was the most exciting show Iíve been to at Exit/In, to date. Oliver rolls onto the stage on his well known scooter famous for being a part of the reason he wrote the song “Hurt” and the fans went crazy. Check out the song here:

Every person in that room was into the Oliver Tree movement. Itís hard to get the Nashville crowd moving and everyone in that room knew all the words to his songs and I donít mean just one song. They knew every song. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Oliver Tree nows your chance. Everyone’s wanting to know when the next album will release and there’s nothing official on that, however everyones hoping it’ll drop this summer. Photo recap and links below. 

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