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The doors swung open and the dance floor began to fill. Huxley Anne began the show with smooth beats that got the floor swaying. Toadface, the bass music producer hailing from Dayton, Ohio raised the bar. I was amazed to see a good EDM crowd in Nashville. I’ve gone to a lot of shows and most of time people don’t really get into the music. That wasn’t the case here.

By the time BUKU stepped up the house was slammed. BUKU a Pittsburgh native had bodies moving.

The message, the show and the man otherwise known as Space Jesus made his appearance at Marathon Music Works a memorable event last night. Space Jesus “Released the Lava” in Nashville and for a few hours Marathon “did not exist”. It was more like a huge euphoric dream of messages, lights and dance. The crowd was more alive than any EDM show that I’ve seen in Nashville to date. Space Jesus’s lighting setup for this venue was top notch. He nailed it and man, I can’t wait until Bonnaroo. Space Jesus has two sets this year! From the fans and myself I want to thank Space Jesus and his crew for making it an amazing night! Check out the Space Jesus link at the bottom of the page for upcoming “Temple of Noom” tour cities and dates. Don’t forget to check out the Bonnaroo line ups this year!

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