Struggle Jennings Releases Music Video for “God We Need You Now”

His Second Collaboration with Angels & Outlaws Label Songstress Caitlynne Curtis

Nashville rapper Struggle Jennings, grandson of outlaw country icon Waylon Jennings, has released a timely music video for his second single with Angels & Outlaws artist Caitlynne Curtis. “God We Need You Now” makes a strong statement that cuts through the noise of the constant barrage of breaking news as a calling to return to the values that bring people together, God and community. The simple gospel rhythm and Caitlynne’s powerful vocals drive the message home delivering the desperation that has filled the hearts of many during a year of persistent negativity. “God We Need You Now” is a cathartic anthem for the world we live in, delivering on Struggle’s self-professed image as “the troubadour of troubled souls”.

Struggle Jennings
Source: Struggle Jennings

The music video was directed by Alisa Daglio and filmed by Vicente Cordero (Los Angeles) in Nashville and Hendersonville, TN. It features appearances by Yelawolf and Brianna Harness alongside Struggle and Caitlynne as well as a diverse set of family and friends. “God We Need You Now” will be exclusively available to watch on YouTube until it is released to streaming and download platforms on September 14, 2020.

Struggle Jennings carries the legacy of the Jennings family outlaw roots along with the weight of his true outlaw past with ease. An all-American comeback story, Struggle has totally turned his life around since his release from prison in 2016. Since then, he has amassed millions of streams and video views, hundreds of thousands of followers, started a record label, gotten married and most importantly regained custody of all of his children. When he is not touring the US, he lives in Hendersonville, TN with his wife, Tabitha Harness, and seven children.

Caitlynne Curtis is the next pop sensation. With Demi Lovato-esque powerhouse vocals, soulful lyrical chops and a work-horse attitude, she is a force to be reckoned with. Upon signing with Angels & Outlaws this summer, she hit the ground running and has been creating non-stop. Her first single on the label was another duet with Struggle, “Hush,” released in August, that has set the stage for her rise to the top. The music video for her first solo single from her upcoming album was released exclusively to YouTube on September 4th and will be available to streaming and download platforms on September 17th.

Struggle Jennings
Source: Struggle Jennings

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