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Terror Jr. was an extremely rare experience Friday night at The Cowan.

The electro-pop duo put on an absolutely exhilarating performance.

This magical event kicked off when opener Kossisko and DJ Mike Smith took the stage captive. Mike laid down lit beats. The alternative rapper not only spit his sickest rhymes but also represented his dope Rockstar style. The rapper rocked out with tracks like “Superficial” and “Knock Shit.” Kossisko, of course got the crowd hype in preparation for the magic that was to come.

The entire venue seemed to gain even more excitement as the duo, Terror Jr. took the stage. The duo is led by Lisa Vitale and David Singer-Vine. Lisa has a very special talent. She can perfectly blend her angelic vocals with the magnificent and chilled-out electric music. The fans went crazy as she started her performance with the groups hit “Maker.”

For a brief moment it had seemed as if time had stopped in music city. It was just the crowd and the stage in the center of the universe. This is the way music should make you feel.

The show went on. Shortly, the entire venue filled with hands high and bodies moving as the crowd danced to the music. Similarly, Lisa spoke to the audience saying, “get closer I want to dance with you…” and that is exactly what she did.

While she danced with the crowd performing “Yamaguchi” her fans begun to sing along to every last word. It was as if she magically teleported us from Nashville to the “Bop City”. “Bop City” is one of many albums the duo’s mix tapes are named after. 

Terror Jr. was an absolute electrifying performance as well as a very special experience. The duo is a show you will not want to miss next time you have a chance to catch! Heart and soul are poured out through the music and channeled into a wonderful energy directly to those in the crowd. The artists truly blessed music city with their incredible talent. 

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