The Fusion Press Members

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Blake Russell CEO The Fusion Press

Tampa, FL
Filmmaker | Photographer

Founder of The Fusion Press. 15 years experience in photography, film production, and audio. Proficient in concert, music lifestyle, portrait, wedding, and event photography.

Video proficient in music videos, documentaries, highlight films, and short films.

Ben Neely President Photographer of The Fusion Press

Ben Neely
Nashville, TN
Photographer | Creative Director

Co-Founder | Creative Director | Publication Editor | 11 years experience in photography. Photojournalism, concerts, events, and sports photography. Degree in Commercial Photography.


Jenna Holliday The Fusion Press Members

Director – Tampa, FL
Tampa, FL

20 years experience in concert photography. Proficient in live concert photography, music lifestyle, and music photo documentaries.

Josh Reisch

Director – Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN
Photographer | Filmmaker

4 years experience in photography. Proficient in concert photography, photojournalism, and portraits.

Kevin Klimek

Kevin Klimek
Director – St Louis, MO

St Louis, MO
Photographer | Filmmaker | Journalist

James Banker


Nashville, TN

20 years experience in Photography. 3 years experience in concert photography. Proficient in concert, event, and portrait photography.

Anna Rhodes


Washington D.C.

Degree in Communications. Proficient in concert photography.

Marley Hein


Baltimore, MD

4 years experience in photography. Proficient in concert and lifestyle photography.


Jason Marsden The Fusion Press Member

Jason Marsden

Nashville, TN
Columnist | Publicist |Actor

Wes Harman The Fusion Press Member

Wes Harman

Nashville, TN

Born and raised in the Midwest, Wes spent most of his time playing guitar in the Illinois pop-punk and emo rock scenes. After deciding to pursue his own career as a singer/songwriter, he moved to Nashville in June of 2019. When he’s not playing a show somewhere in town, you can probably find Wes at someone else’s show cheering on friends. Wes loves seeking out and writing about artists who haunt Nashville’s most earthy and genuine artistic spaces.

John Salaway The Fusion Press Member

John Salaway

Nashville, TN

John Salaway bio by Andrew Leahey (Rolling Stone Country)

Frontman. Acclaimed songwriter. Sideman. Nationally-endorsed multi-instrumentalist. Producer. Since moving to Nashville in the early 2000s, John Salaway has become one of the city’s most accomplished musicians, holding down a weekly residency at the world-class BB King’s Blues Club while also playing shows with acts like Peter Frampton, Ben Folds, Anderson East, Zach Williams, and Denny Laine from the Moody Blues and Paul McCartney’s Wings. He’s a drummer. A guitarist. A pianist. And with albums like 2019’s Americana Dreams, he shows the full range of his abilities, mixing a lifelong appreciation for the Beatles’ classic pop melodies with the southern-fried sounds of his adopted hometown.

Appropriately, Americana Dreams is a sunny record, stocked with reminders to seize the moment, savor the good times, and let go of life’s unnecessary burdens. These songs preach the importance of focusing on the things that really matter: love, good people, even better music, and the times we share together.

In Nashville, much has changed since Salaway moved to town more than 15 years ago. The skyline looks different. The music scene has exploded. But Salaway, with his recurring Friday afternoon gigs at BB King’s — sometimes performed as a one-man show with loops and effects, and sometimes performed with Salaway on the drums, leading his full band like a younger Don Henley — has become a citywide staple. His music is rooted in the best parts of the past and filled with contemporary finishes — a reminder that Nashville, despite its modern makeover, has always been a place anchored by classic songwriting. With Americana Dreams, he begins a new chapter in a story that’s still unfolding, excitedly showcasing new angles of his sound while still taking a moment to enjoy the ride.

Ashley Eady The Fusion Press Member


Nashville, TN

8 years experience in radio, print, and digital journalism. Proficient in interviews, live event coverage, fact-checking, and investigative reporting. Novice photographer.

Amara Henley The Fusion Press Member

Amara Henley

Nashville, TN

Proficient in writing and document preparation for all music genres.

Lauren Alexis Wood The Fusion Press Member

Lauren Alexis Wood

San Diego, CA
Columnist | Writer

Author of twelve comedic titles (essay collections and children’s books) Lauren’s signature essays have been published on Gawker, Barbie Music, Points in Case, Public House Magazine and private blogs for over a decade.

Antonio Rios IV The Fusion Press Member

Antonio Rios IV

Los Angeles, CA
Columnist | Writer

Self-taught multi-instrumentalist songwriter, who has been making music and performing since the age of 13. The lifelong pursuit of this passion has resulted in a diverse musical taste that is rooted in metal and rock, eager to explore any musical coloration, and is exclusive to none.

Chance Gray The Fusion Press Member

Chance Gray

Los Angeles, CA
Columnist | Writer

From Los Angeles, lived in New York for several years. In spite of the psyop we call the “modern music industry”, there are countless great musical artists who fashion vibrations into the ones and zeros of digital files and the electrons on magnetic tape and in doing so give us a deeper insight on the human condition. I love pop music as much as I do classic and I strongly believe that genre is not an indicator of the quality of a work. Hopefully I can provide you with an insight on some mind bending, unique and touching tunes. 

Samuel Valazquez The Fusion Press Member

Samuel Velazquez

San Diego, CA
Columnist | Writer

Hailing from the hills of rural San Diego, Sam’s constant disappointment with the natural beauty of the world surrounding him was a natural precursor to his disappointment with most of the entertainment surrounding him. Whether it’s music, film, television, or food, he’s likely got a bone to pick.

Laura Ornella

Brooklyn, NY
Columnist | Writer

Laura Ornella is a writer, comedian, and actor based in Brooklyn, NY. She co-runs the satire publication Humor Darling and also is a lifestyle contributor for Subvrt Mag. Her writing has been featured in Robot Butt, Funny-ish, Little Old Lady Comedy, and The Broadway Beat. For more information, please visit:

Andre (Drey) Zemnovich 

Brooklyn, NY
Columnist | Writer

“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth!” ~Alan Watts

 Andre (Drey) Zemnovich has been chasing the ecstasy-saturated essences of Reggae, Rap, R&B, and Rock & Roll since he first could swivel his hips like Elvis. Born and raised in NYC, Drey prided himself on never settling down into one particular crew or style: from the “Ravers to the seer of visions; to the painters, the pipers, the prisoners, and the shiners”, Drey always had an eye for seeing the brilliance in the nuanced hues of every facet of the great creative mosaic. “Visionaries find beauty in flaws; idiots find flaws in beauties!” is a quote from one of Drey’s novel’s which best encapsulates his weltenschauung (worldview). With a day job being a successful fitness trainer and coach, with an emphasis on studying and instructing to his students Zen, Peaceful Martial Arts, and Mind-Body-Connection, Drey is one of the vanguards in trying to amalgamate myriad Plant Medicines, particularly Cannabis with the fitness industry. Drey has worked as a journalist for a Cannabis-music publication, assistant editor of a fashion/lifestyle publication, and is a published author, with his personal writings dealing with Shamanism, Consciousness-expansion, psychedelia, and the quintessential Rock n’ Roll vibes! Drey is co-host of the newly launched podcast/interview show titled: Working Title Radio and plans to open-up a Cannabis-gym called High∞Chi Fitness in NYC in 2021.

 “Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.” ~Lao Tzu

Jenifer Dale

Knoxville, TN
Columnist | Writer

Writing since the age of thirteen Jenifer has written in all styles. Enjoying reading, music, cooking and photography, she’s a jack of all trades.


Dany Cruz The Fusion Press Member


Nashville, TN
Graphic Designer | Photographer

9 years experience in graphic design. Apprentice photographer. Proficient in professional branding with all aspects of design.


JD Meek The Fusion Press Member


Franklin, TN

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